Sweepstakes Tips: How to Win Instant Win Games

Sweepstakes Tips: How to Win Instant Win Games

1. Play on a regular basis

You can enter almost any instant win game on a regular basis. The more times you enter, the better your odds of winning are. If that’s the case, that brings me to tip number two! Some instant win games allow you to join more than once a day (it’s necessary to read the rules), and if that’s the case, that brings me to tip number two!

2. Distribute Entries

Spread out your entries if you’re playing an instant win game that allows you to join several times. This also applies to those of you who play with your friends, spouses, partners, and other loved ones.

The majority of Instant Win Games have a timer. So, if a reward becomes available at a certain time, the person who enters the instant win game first after that time wins the prize.

Normally, doing entries back to back to back would result in a waste of entries after the first. Distribute the entries!

You can potentially reverse this; some instant win games with a lot of prizes that haven’t been found by a lot of people yet could have prizes stacked up for the next person to play. If you win in those situations, submit another entry to see if you win again.

When you have a string of victories, I recommend doing the following: PLAY ONE ENTRY, IF YOU WIN, PLAY ANOTHER, IF YOU WIN, PLAY ANOTHER, AND SO ON UNTIL YOU DO NOT GET A WIN. Stop using your entries at that stage and offer the instant win game time to “bank” more prizes for you to win. Depending on the number of prizes, I recommend waiting many hours or even a day. The more prizes in an instant win game, the faster the prize can accumulate.


Almost all instant win games that require a purchase have a mail-in option for receiving codes or entries that do not require a purchase. Calculate the most cost-effective way to join when these openings occur, whether it’s by purchasing the game, playing without purchasing, or doing a write-in for entries.

It is critical to pay attention to EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that the official rules include when using the write in form. Many may state whether the entry must be written or typed, the size of the card or piece of paper that must be used, and the size and wording of the envelope.


Writing in can be a perfect way to increase your chances of winning. We recently discovered a Frito Lay Nintendo Switch IWG (which has now ended) where you could buy chips ($7.99 per bag) or write in for codes. We knew the write-in campaign would be effective because there were so many winners (over 1,300).

We started a conversation about it in our Facebook group for Freebies, Sweeps, and Instant Win Games, and were able to spread the word about the write-in process. As a result, over 500 members of our Facebook Group received a FREE Nintendo Switch along with three games – awesome!


This one should go without saying, but the more prizes an instant win game (or sweepstakes in general) has, the higher your chances of winning are.

I recommend visiting several of the tobacco companies’ websites and signing up (or getting ready to sign up). Their instant win games are consistently among the best online in terms of the amount of prizes up for grabs. It’s not unusual for a tobacco company to launch an instant win game with 100,000 or more prizes in a single day – the good news is that you can join most of them regularly.

TIP: Make sure you use your legal name and address when signing up with tobacco companies. They do check to make sure you’re 21 years old, and if something is wrong, you won’t be able to open an account. If you have any problems, call their toll-free numbers; their customer support is usually very helpful in having people enrolled.

5. Instant Win Regional Games are excellent for locating victories.

If you live in that area, you can join Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes that are only open to residents of that city, state, or country. Many national sweepstakes do not receive the same level of coverage from blogs and websites as ours, which means less people will join… which, if you’ve been paying attention, means better chances for you!

In addition, several IWGs have recently partnered with tech firms to provide codes for services such as Uber and Lyft. The problem with these rewards is that not everyone lives in a region where they can use them, so some people would choose not to participate. That means that if you live in a certain area or use certain services, you should look for and join instant win games on a regular basis.

Hopefully, these pointers will assist more of you in winning – and if you’re new to sweepstakes, maybe these pointers will assist you in winning your first prize! These suggestions do not apply to any instant win game; rather, they are a list of things to look for that will stand out and provide you with an advantage.

If you’re on Facebook, consider joining our Freebies, Sweeps, & Instant Win Games community – we’ve had thousands of people win prizes using the tips I’ve given. Also, be sure to bookmark our Instant Win Game List – it’s updated daily, and you can go down the list and enter them all to see if you win!

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